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One night in a 4-star hotel in Mayo

I may be updating this particular entry for a couple of days. I’ve been pretty annoyed about a 4-star hotel that I stayed overnight in in Mayo last Saturday night. Lets get started:

  • We tried to check in about 3pm, yet they were still cleaning rooms because of late check-outs. The hotel wasn’t fully booked for the night, yet we were told to wait. Yet, not told where to wait, or what we could do while waiting. If we waited 10minutes, our room would be ready.
  • So we went to try to get some food. Yes, there was a food menu in the bar, but you couldn’t order in the bar – you had to go to a room that sort of looked like a restaurant. Yes, you can order food here, but you can’t eat it in the bar. But yes, you must pay in the bar, not here.
  • Before going ahead, we thought we could get room service a little easier, so we checked at reception (more than 10mins has now passed) and yes, our room was ready. We took our stuff to the room to find the cleaner (a very irate cleaner) still in the room. We were hooshed out of the room and told very abruptly to come back in ten minutes.
  • So we went back to the “room”, ordered food off the bar food menu, ate the food (but not in the bar) and paid for the bar food that we couldn’t eat in the bar at the bar.
  • Back to the room, all nice and clean, and relaxing before heading to the swimming pool for a while. And next comes the noise. A low constant humming, annoying enough to make your ears ring. It wasn’t anything in the room, and it was audible in the whole hallway.
  • Reception were called, and with a very weary voice that said they’d heard it all before they tried to convice us that there’d never been such a noise complaint before. But anyway, someone would be up in 5mins to check it out.
  • 15 minutes and another phone call later to a pretty abrupt receptionist clearly with no time for any polite complaints, the porter called to move us to another room – not to check the noise and see what was wrong, but to move us to another room. This was definitely a sign that they were used to this problem – especially when the porter confirmed that it was the swimming pool water heater, and that it would probably go off later in the evening.
  • We checked out our new room first in case there was still a noise, but it was fine, but by that time, the porter had disappeared and we had to move all our bags again down one floor.

So, finally, about 3hours after arriving in the hotel, we were able to actually sit down, relax and empty our bags and think about availing of the facilities.

Remember – this is a 4-star hotel. More to follow (oh yes, there is actually more).

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