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The good and the bad of shopping in Lidl and Aldi

Thanks to Primal Sneeze for the link in the “Serious Rant” section of the links on the site. Some very interesting comments on Primal Sneeze and worth keeping track of. His current post A Shopping Un-list is interesting in the light of some of the coverage following our Lidl and Aldi addition to the NCA Grocery Survey.

While we did point out the fact that these two could be cheaper than the big 4, we also said that you may have to compromise on brands. Pricewatch coverage in the Irish Times mentioned the issue with the dodgy cornflakes – but as pointed out on Primal Sneeze, there are some fantastic products you can also get in both shops.

1 comments On The good and the bad of shopping in Lidl and Aldi

  • Thanks for the thanks!

    Yes, some very interesting suggestions coming through in comments.

    Something I didn’t mention in my post is that the snob factor is waning with Lidl and Aldi. I’m seeing SUVs, Mercs and BMWs in the carparks more of late. Which reminds me: They tend to have bigger and better carparks that the other stores.

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