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Problems with 3 Mobile Broadband

I have complained frequently here about my 3 Mobile service frequently in the past before moving to Vodafone (and being completely happy in the year since moving)

Today I received an e-mail from a fellow blogger asking me to bring to your attention the issues many people are currently having with the 3 Mobile Broadband offering. Given my experiences with 3 previously, I’m happy to do so.

As you all probably know by now, allot of people over at boards.ie ( 130 pages, 2593 comments) and subsequently 3broadband.info are not happy with the mobile broadband being offered by 3.
They have complained to and about 3, ComReg, NCA, they are trying to get a petition going as well as a protest, but these need some weight.

Now they are trying get more recognition of the problem. Unfortunately nobody is paying attention. Politicians, radio stations, and newspapers are turning blind eyes and deaf ears at them. It is my hope that the blogging community can help get them some well deserved coverage.

As I’ve written about before they’ll get no joy from ComReg or the NCA, and the 3 customer service is appalling – even when you’re a departing customer they’re a nightmare. Best of luck with it though.

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