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Taxis in Dublin

Over the past week or so, I’ve had cause to use a few taxis in Dublin – more than I’ve used normally. I used to use them more frequently in the past, and have been reminded of the issues I had then, and how the introduction of the Taxi Regulator since seems to have made no difference to how taxi drivers operate.

Has anyone ever received a receipt from a taxi driver in Dublin? Without asking for one?

There are two other bug bears that I have but the Taxi Regulator website is of no assistance in trying to find out more. The two issues that I need to confirm (which I think I investigated previously, but can’t remember) are:

  1. A taxi can drive past you empty with their light on if they want – they may decide that you’re not desirable enough to have in your taxi just because they don’t like the look of you.
  2. A taxi cannot approach you empty with their light on, but then turn off their light because they don’t like the look of you.

This is aside from all the taxi drivers who make drops outside of the city centre, and then won’t turn their lights on until right back in the city centre because they’re looking for the longest possible fare.

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  • I drive a Taxi in Dublin city and have some sympathy with your annoyance regarding the lighting of the roof-sign and why a taxi won’t stop when requested.
    the reason for this happening IMO are as follows.
    At very busy times (when hundreds of people looking for a Taxi)If a Taxi was to stop in amongst a crowd, panic can ensue with people fighting over who should get the cab, so some cabs stop where they feel this will not occur. Also people seem to believe the best place to hail a cab is on the corner of a junction, not so, it’s a highly dangerous place to stop a car!
    Some Taxis by-pass people on the street all-together in an effort to service the Taxi Ranks, is this wrong? sometimes these people on the ranks wait hours for a cab, if no taxis serviced the ranks in favour of you hailing them , the ranks would never move at all.
    If you like you can visit my blog for a tried and trusted method of getting a cab at busy times, it’s tongue in cheek but it works!

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