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Nokia N95 that can do everything except send texts

As mentioned recently, I recently left Vodafone to join O2 on the basis of getting a similar monthly package and getting a cheaper N95 phone.

There were some great comments about the N95 here in yesterdays Sunday Tribune.

Personally, I’d have to agree with most of the comments there (both the positive and the negative). However, at the moment, after having the phone connected since Friday, I still can’t send text messages and can’t access the internet via the phone.

And O2 are currently stumped. They’ve given me a new SIM card, and nothing fixed. I can put other SIM cards into the phone and do everything necessary, but apparently the combination of SIM and phone will “just not be compatible, but that only happens very rarely”. Twice for me?

My issue has currently been “escalated” to the technicians in Dublin because the customer service people in Limerick can’t figure out what’s going on.

While this is most frustrating, I have to say that the O2 customer service people I’ve dealt with in Limerick have so far been excellent. One can only hope they keep it up, and sort this out pretty quickly.

Anyone else have such an experience with the N95, or with any other Nokian Symbian S60 type phone on O2? Any easy answers?

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