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“I’m so sick of the service you get in this country”

So starts a pretty good blog/rant by John Braine here. It seems to be one of many articles recently about customer service that’s been catching my eye.
There was another in last Fridays Irish Times by Margaret E. Ward. The article is linked here, but you need an Irish Times subscription. The article refers to CRM – Customer Relationship Management, long popular amongst Irish companies, but for all the wrong reasons it seems. As the article states:

After the introduction of CRM systems, the Irish customer care experience is
akin to death by a thousand cuts. Consumers like us are often “managed” by an
automated telephone service, an anonymous e-mail address or left fuming over the
pretend managers who never respond to our letter of complaint because they don’t

To finish, I can’t remember where I read it, but there was a classic comment on another site in the last week or so where someone was having problems with their Internet service provider. They decided to try to make a stand and asked for a refund for the time when they didn’t actually have any connection.
The person they ended up speaking to said that she “wasn’t authorised to provide refunds on accounts”. So our friend asked to speak to someone who was, upon which the customer service person responded, “I’m not authorised to put you though to the person who is authorised to give out discounts”. Fantastic!

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