Are you travelling to the US hiring a car this summer?

You might be interested in this story. I can’t find the link where I got it from at the moment, but I’ll update with the source as soon as I find it.
You know all about rental car gas roulette: Either pay in advance for gas you’ll never use, or bet that you’ll have enough time to fill up the tank before you drop off the car. You might even know that some companies insist on a receipt as proof you’ve filled the tank if you take the second option.

But now, there’s a third possibility: Pay up regardless. Some rental car locations are charging an extra fee to consumers who return their cars with a full tank. This “top-off fee” is being charged even if consumers present evidence they have that the tank is full. In other words, you’re dinged if you do and dinged if you don’t.

I wonder how long before our Irish businesses cotton on to this one.

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