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More customer service observations

To follow on from the post below about customer service, there’s an interesting thread on the www.askaboutmoney.com forum from December also – Bloody shop assistants – rant.

Half way through there’s a fantastic post from someone called Fintan. I’ve reproduced the comments here – worth noting for both consumers and business owners.

  1. People do not have to buy from your shop, if they have a choice of similar products from another with better service, they will go there. If they don’t it means a competitor could establish themselves and take sales from you.
  2. By focusing on training, you improve staff morale, which will lead to lower staff turnover.
  3. People whose attitude can’t be changed, should not be hired.

Now here is the good bit:

  1. Better customer service increases sales and customer loyalty.
  2. Better staff training lowers staff turnover, which increases profitability.
  3. Better customer service can allow prices to be increased.

1 comments On More customer service observations

  • One thing that bothers me is how people give foreign employees a hard time about their poor English skills. I, on the otherhand, get upset with their Irish employers. What does it say about their customer service priorities if people they employ in customer facing roles can’t communicate with said customers. It’s not the shop assistants faults, it’s the people who hired them.

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