You really gotta love Ryanair, and some Aer Lingus slagging

From todays Sunday Business Post:

However, a spokesman for Ryanair said the policy was ‘‘positively discriminating in favour of infants as they do not pay any fare’’. He said that infants travelling on Ryanair flights paid a €15 administration fee to travel on any flight. This is an increase from €10.

They don’t pay a fare, but they pay a €15 admin fee? Which on a flight from Dublin to London Stanstead would mean that an adult could be paying €0.01 while the infant will still be paying €15.

However, on the positive side for travelers with infants, which isn’t mentioned in that story at all – infants are not subject to the “taxes and charges”, nor are the subject to the debit or credit card “handling fees”.

On a one-way trip as per above, this means that carrying an infant means you don’t have to pay about €18.99 (when paying by credit card).

What I have noticed though, when checking out those costs above, is that the Ryanair insurance is €14 compared to €7.50 from Aer Lingus. I wonder how long before they increase that to €14 as well – and justify it in the way they justify all other price increases in that fantastic Aer Lingus fashion – “we’re increasing the prices because everyone else is”.

How about not increasing charges because everyone else is, and therefore distinguishing yourself from the competition and maybe trying to attract customers in that way?

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  1. Anonymous January 28, 2008 at 20:54 #

    And of course you don’t get any baggage allowance for an infant, saving you whatever this weeks charge is for a bag……

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