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A couple of short comments…

  • I’ve started using the StatCounter product for tracking visitors to this blog. It’s been great fun for the past week seeing where people are accessing this site from, and what they were looking for to get here. There’s been some amusing stuff like someone from an ESB computer searching Google for “electricity competition in ireland“. Or someone from an AIB computer who searched for “rip off Ireland“.
  • There’s a new ladies magazine that was brought to my attention called Prudence. According to the blurb on their website, Prudence is “a new kind of magazine for the thinking woman. Are you constantly broke? Up to your eyes in debt? Then Prudence is the magazine for you”. The magazine has loads of money saving articles which look pretty useful and they have a columnist called Edwina Sobbs – The diary of a cautious Corkonian. Worth checking out!

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