Broadband Penetration – what do the published numbers really mean?

There’s lots of comment and reportage around recently about broadband penetration within Ireland, and how poor we might be compared to the rest of Europe.

I wonder how would I be counted in any of these numbers when it comes to broadband subscriptions. Take my fiancee and myself as an example. Between us, we have the following:

  1. An NTL broadband subscription
  2. A home Eircom broadband subscription
  3. An O2 mobile business broadband subscription
  4. An O2 mobile personal broadband subscription
  5. A Vodafone 3G pay as you go mobile

Technically, from what I understand, that’s 5 broadband subscriptions. But we’re only 2 people. I wonder are we counted as 5 people with broadband subscriptions, rather than 2?

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