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Did you eat out last night for Valentines Day?

If the food sections of Marks & Spencers on Grafton Street yesterday (all damn day) and Tesco in Clearwater (Finglas) were anything to go by, then there weren’t a whole lot of people dining out in restaurants last night.

I’ve never seen the food sections of either store so busy, nor their shelves emptying out so quickly.

Doing a quick vox-pop around the office here, 2 of the 9 people asked went out for dinner last night. The other 7, including myself, all made dinner at home.

2 comments On Did you eat out last night for Valentines Day?

  • My teenage daughter and her boyfriend booked a table at a local Italian for last night (Valentines night) When they were handed a menu they discovered that the prices were over 2.5 times what is normally charged in that restaurant. There was no prior warning of this – eg she wasnt told when she was booking that the prices would change so significantly. Being young the couple didnt have 2.5 times the usual amount of cash on them so they asked could they share a pizza. They were told no and asked to leave. They felt humiliated and their Valentines night was ruined. I complained to the manager but was met with a gallic shrug and a take it or leave it attitude. I’ll be voting with my feet and I’ll never eat in this restaurant again.

  • Tara, why not share the name of the restaurant with us? It would help all the readers to not accidentally set a foot into that place.

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