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Further comments on the ridiculous NPSRA

Following on from the comment from Serial Complainer previously and my subsequent response, I thought I’d clarify my initial thoughts on the NPSRA and why I think it’s a pointless future useless regulator – one of many created by our current government.

As per my original post, I don’t believe that the proposed involvement of the NPSRA will have any positive impact on the current dodgy situations that exist between developers, property management companies and property management agents.

And regards to the proposal that the NPSRA regulate Auctioneers and Estate Agents and the buying and selling of property, this is just as ridiculous a proposal.

In my opinion, the processes and procedures gone through when buying and selling property are the problem – not the oversight of such processes and procedures.

And if the process stinks, you don’t create an oversight body for the process, you address the process and fix that.

How are the NPSRA going to know if when I’m making a bid for a house that I’m not bidding against a fake bidder created on the other side by the estate agent?

They’ll presumably ask the estate agent, “did you create a fake bidder on the other side in order to boost the price”? And the estate agent will say, “no, of course not, that’s against the rules of my professional organization – I’d never do such a thing”. What happens then? Stalemate? The NPSRA will resolve to “work with” the estate agent, but nothing will happen, and the consumer will still be left on the outside.

It will just be the same as the National Consumer Agency. It will just be the same as the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement. The NPSRA will become another agency set up with the notional idea that it will benefit consumers, but in reality it’ll just become another part of the governmental anti-consumer bureaucracy.

What can be done? As I mentioned above, we could address the process in buying and selling property rather than overseeing a rotten process?

Can I suggest that we adopt the Scottish model of buying and selling property?

Scotland has a very particular way of buying a home. I’ll post further tomorrow on how this system works.

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