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Irish Blood Transfusion Board – Second IT screw Up in 2 Weeks

I’m not going to go back over old ground on this given todays coverage of the stolen IBTS laptop with 170,000 blood donor details in New York – just a couple of observations.

The topic is of great interest to me at the moment given my current project in my “real job”. There’s excellent analysis of the situation from The DOBlog – Irish Blood Transfusion Service loses data.. and Fair use/Specified purpose and the IBTS. These posts are well worth a read to understand more, and to see why this should never have happened in the first place.

Secondly, to the person who has the title of Head of Information Technology in the IBTS – take a bow! You’re now overseen two monumental mistakes in the past two weeks – one with hardware issues, and this current one with software problems.

Here’s a thought for you as you’re packing up your stuff from your desk…. oh, hang on, you work for the government, you’re probably still sitting pretty! Who’re we kidding! You’re probably on an all expenses paid junket to New York as we speak, on a fact(laptop)-finding mission!

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