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Price of Coffee vs Price of Petrol

Some coverage in the media today regarding the decision by Topaz to rebrand their 350 Shell and Statoil petrol stations. According to some coverage, this will involve the creation of 400 new jobs.

There was an interview on Morning Ireland this morning with someone from Topaz who confirmed that they would be improving the experience for customers at their forecourts. They would be changing the act of buying petrol from a “grudge purchase” to a more pleasurable experience.

The interviewer remarked, confirmed by the Topaz representative, that Topaz was the largest seller of cups of coffee in Ireland. Apparently, 4m cups of coffee sold per year, representing about 10% of the turnover of the Topaz company.

Just as a quick check this evening, I bought a litre of coffee in the Statoil on the North Road in Finglas.

A litre of petrol would have cost me 118c. A litre of coffee cost me 430c. Over 3.5 times as much. No wonder Topaz is improving the shopping experience in their forecourts – much more money in that than selling petrol.

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