Kildare Nationalist seeks inspiration from the Irish Independent?

Back on February 8th, I got a Google Alert to being mentioned in an article entitled “Survey to reveal price differences across the EU” in the Irish Independent. In the last few days, I received another notification of being mentioned in the Kildare Nationalist on February 14th (owned by TCH – publishers of the Irish Examiner). This time the article was called “New EU survey shows true face of rip-off Ireland“. It seems like the Irish Independent has fallen victim to the research tactics of it’s journalists.

From the Independent:

Existing research shows that the price of digital cameras can vary by up to 30pc between neighbouring European countries

From the Kildare Nationalist:

Existing research shows that the price of digital cameras can vary by up to 30% between neighbouring countries – a considerable differential, given the price of some of these cameras.

From the Independent:

and that the average fees for the management of bank accounts fluctuates by up to €80 across the EU.

From the Kildare Nationalist:

Another key area of comparison relates to the average fees for the management of bank accounts. The survey so far has indicated that these can vary between zero and €80 across the EU.

And finally, from the Independent:

Irish consumers can already compare domestic prices through a range of websites like, and, and the Fine Gael-run site

And from the Kildare Nationalist:

Irish consumers can already compare domestic prices through a range of websites, including;;;; and Fine Gael’s site,

Anyone know if Charlie Weston has started working for the Kildare Nationalist?

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4 Responses to Kildare Nationalist seeks inspiration from the Irish Independent?

  1. Anonymous March 7, 2008 at 06:04 #

    Before you accuse anybody of plagarism, ay chanc they both got the same Fine Gael Press Release?

    Every chance in the world.

    Lazy journalism indeed.

  2. Value Ireland March 7, 2008 at 09:56 #

    Interesting comment – though I don’t think there was a Press Release from Fine Gael during that week related to this topic.

    I have their Press Release news feed in my feedreader, and nothing came to my attention during that week. For the record, here are the Fine Gael press releases that week prior to the earlier article in the Irish Independent. Nothing in there about the EU EC Consumer Market Watch scoreboard.

    o “Talking Shop” broadband announcement as Ireland lags 33rd of 35 countries – Coveney

    o 325,000 replacement tags for animals issued in 2007 – Crawford

    o 90 years on Dáil & Seanad fail equality test for women – Fitzgerald

    o Ag Minister’s Response Another Beef Forum While Industry Struggles – Crawford

    o All motor tax must be emissions based – Hogan

    o Apt owners left hanging as €1.6m property authority still has no powers – Flanagan

    o Breen welcomes 250 new jobs for Clare, but mid west unemployment still soaring

    o Climate Change Committee to quiz Dempsey on rising transport emissions today

    o Clune calls for FÁS & training overhaul as under-25 unemployment highest since 1998

    o Coghlan warns of potential clash over constituency boundaries

    o Cowen’s salary double that of US counterpart, with half the reforms – Bruton

    o Developers get off scot free as regulator has no powers – Flanagan

    o Elderly homeowners stripped of pensions after re-mortgaging – Mitchell

    o FG motion to push FF/PD Govt to honour mental health commitments – Neville

    o FG motion to transform lifelong learning as 92% of workforce not in ongoing training

    o FG’s Olivia Mitchell calls for sustained focus on priorities for Shannon during Clare Visit

    o Government failing to take worker exploitation seriously – Naughten

    o Govt on verge of losing second road safety chief in 2 years – McEntee

    o Govt reneges on commitment to set red tape reduction target – Varadkar

    o Harney Heads Stateside as Dáil Debates Health Service in Disarray – Reilly

    o Inflation is falling across the economy, but not in Govt services – Bruton

    o Lisbon Treaty date needed to kick-start national debate – Timmins

    o Martin bringing to Enterprise the same energy & decisiveness he brought to Health – Varadkar

    o McFadden calls for Seanad Debate on Cystic Fibrosis

    o Midland Hospital Cutbacks met by Bureaucratic Doublespeak from HSE – Enright

    o Minister forgetting about the ‘heritage’ in his portfolio – Bannon

    o Minister’s conversion to FG position on North-South interconnector welcome – Coveney

    o Ó Cuív ignores costly RAPID report & launches yet another – Buttimer

    o Patients still at risk from Pharmacist dispute but Health Minister showing no urgency – Fitzgerald

    o Paul Quinn’s death must mark end of mafia-style rule on the border – Flanagan

    o Portlaoise victims of botched cancer tests now suffer MRSA while delayed report is awaited – Reilly

    o Reform Treaty Will Strengthen Direct Democracy for Farmers – Creighton

    o Register for small boats would help combat drug smugglers on our 4,300 km coast – O’Dowd

    o Ryan a bystander as Telecoms Sector undergoes huge change – Coveney

    o Sargent’s comments on autism do not tally with Hanafin’s – Fitzgerald

    o Shaky Exchequer figures confirm Cowen has seriously damaged economy – Bruton

    o Shatter slams ‘appalling’ decision to release Jeremiah Sheehy without telling Ann McCabe

    o Shatter slams Governments failure on cystic fibrosis

    o Taoiseach “clueless” on knowledge economy – Coveney

    o Taoiseach dodges key issues leaving children with autism out in the cold – Kenny

    o Taoiseach turns his back on 50,000 Irish in US – Ring

    o Thousands of REPS farmers left in lurch and kept in dark – Creed

    o Users of trafficked prostitutes to be criminalised – Coveney

    o Users of trafficked prostitutes to be criminalised after FG law adopted – Naughten

    That week did include, for example, the fantastic issuance from Leo Varadker, as referenced here ( It’s unlikely also that Fine Gael would release anything to the press including the reference given our views on their policies recently (

    It’s more likely that this is the press release that may have inspired the first article at least, from the National Consumer Agency (

  3. Anonymous March 7, 2008 at 15:48 #

    Hi, has many textual similarities also.

    Date of publication is after the Irish Indo.

    Bet it was an EU press release.


  4. Value Ireland March 7, 2008 at 16:16 #

    I’d be flattered if the EU was insightful enough to include my little website in one of their press releases, but I doubt it.

    The “EU Press Releases” are available here ( I’ve checked, and unfortunately for the popularity of my site, I haven’t been mentioned once.

    Ruari – do you work for TCH by any chance?

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