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Stop the Presses – Competition Arrived in Ireland Today

The Vodafone website today is offering the Nokia N95 8GB version for between €169 and €229 depending on the price plan that you sign up for.

Any takers on the possibility that they’ve been prodded into this because of the forthcoming iPhone launch on the O2 network in a couple of weeks time?

This is an unbelievably better offer than the useless upgrade offer they had when I wanted to get the normal N95 last year. Back then, they were offering to me on an upgrade for €469. This new Vodafone offer is even better than the €269 or whatever it was that I eventually paid for the normal N95 when I moved to O2 instead.

So, competition does work in lowering prices apparently. So, what does that say for how our supermarkets are supposedly “competing” when their prices are pretty much all the same?

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