We’re the ultimate ‘nanny state’

As you’ll probably have gathered from some of the posts here, the issue of the amount and usefulness of our numerous Irish regulators is something that’s of interest to me. So, obviously then, this article – We’re the ultimate ‘nanny state’ – piqued my interest today.

According to the article:

Ireland is among the most heavily-regulated countries in the world and has become the ultimate “nanny state”, according to new research.

We have 267 organisations with statutory powers which overlook every aspect of the economy and how we live our lives, with regulation in more areas than 48 other countries surveyed.

The article goes on to mention how our esteemed Taoiseach started a “Regulate Better” initiative in 2004 which promised to look at how we are regulated in this country:

Despite a 2004 Government paper – Regulate Better – which promised to consider the consolidation of the existing bodies, 13 new agencies have been set up in the last four years.

Obviously, such an initiative isn’t very high on Bertie Aherns priorities – at the moment, nor in the past. Here’s a link to a list of links, some of which contain the ever expanding set of regulators our government is subjecting us to.

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  1. Serial March 6, 2008 at 21:45 #

    The list you linked to (http://www.irlgov.ie/organisations/default.asp) is NOT a list of regulators. It is a list of ALL public bodies.

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