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Attention to Detail (5)

I’m still working in the background on some site redesigns for both this blog, and ValueIreland.com as well. I’ve already finished, sort of, the SayNoTo1890.com website, but I’m still not really happy with it – so more changes to come there also.

However, in the spirit of the occasional series of “attention to detail”, here’s something that was of interest since I’m investigating updating the ValueIreland logo as part of the site redesign. It was brought to my attention last week via the Register, and I see that Rowan has covered on Fortify Your Oasis as well.

The UK government department, the Office of Government Commerce has recently designed it’s logo.

Interesting, the Office of Government Commerce sounds like something we might need since it’s “responsible for improving value for money by driving up standards and capability in procurement”. Oh, hang on, that’s the job of the Comptroller and Auditor General – though he doesn’t seem to be doing all that well by all accounts.

Anyway, here’s the new logo of the OGC:

Not sure how well it “stands up” to closer scrutiny!

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