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Getting Our Priorities Right in Rip Off Ireland

Food prices are increasing. Unemployment is rising. Inflation is getting out of control. The Celtic Tiger is a fading memory. Wage increases are unlikely in the near future. Job security isn’t what it used to be. Mortgage payments are biting hard for many.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but if you’re facing into the perfect storm that is described above, unless you’re emigrating to make a new life for yourself, shouldn’t the cost of checking in baggage at the airport be the last thing you should be worrying about?

According to this article in this mornings Irish Examiner:

“The travelling public, particularly families, are being hit hard at a time when inflation is already high,” said CAI chairman James Doorley.

Lets look realistically at the overall net impact of the proposed Ryanair price rises would be €10 for a family of mum, dad and 4 kids – €1 each extra to check in at a desk, and €1 extra for each of 4 bags to be checked in.

€10!!!!! That’s all!

We’re talking about a family who are going on holiday with 4 children – flying. This is discretionary spending. They don’t have to go on holidays. They don’t have to fly for their holidays.

If families are in such a perilous financial situation because of rising inflation where an extra €10 is going to be a problem when they’re going on a holiday that will potentially cost thousands, then should they really be going on holidays at all?

Should our consumer advocates be jumping up and down because of such price rises? Can we not spend more of our campaigning time trying to address the types of inflation that impacts everyone, and more particularly impacts people who may really have financial difficulties because of rising inflation?

Shouldn’t all consumer advocates be focusing more on the fact that people who have real financial difficulties and don’t have the luxury of a holiday anywhere are having to buy the staple grocery items like milk and bread which are increasing in price at a faster rate that a bag of luggage on a Ryanair flight.

Which items below should our consumer advocates really be shouting about from the roof-tops?

  • Ryanair Check In Cost: +25%
  • Ryanair Baggage Check In Cost: +11%
  • Cost of Loaf of Bread: +30%
  • Cost of 1litre of Milk: +33%

2 comments On Getting Our Priorities Right in Rip Off Ireland

  • irishconsumerist


    You are wrong here, I have raised the issue of food price inflation in the media a number of times. It was also raised in a meeting with Government. See just one link below.

    I would be grateful if you would correct your error.

    Also you are wrong on the increases. A family of four, typically 2 adults and 2 children with four bags for check in would have paid €48 last year for a return journey on both Ryanair and Aer Lingus, this summer they will pay €80 and €96 respectively for the same 4 bags.

    As an executive member of the Consumers Association you are aware that a discussion paper on inflation was circulated to you in recent months, since then you have made no submission or comment on that paper. If you want to support me and CAI in further highlighting this important issue, perhaps you could start by making a contribution to that.

  • As per the request from the Chairman of the Consumer Association of Ireland I have edited the original post above to reflect that the Consumer Association is not only focused on Ryanair baggage charges inflation.

    Any response to the rest of the comments will be left to the privacy of the Consumer Association Executive meetings.

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