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The amazing invisible taxi protest

  • My car battery was dead
  • I only got to bed at 5, so I slept in
  • It was all very short notice
  • It was day after bank holiday
  • Schools were off
  • Too early in the morning
  • Too pissed the night before

Just some of the reasons why taxi drivers weren’t able to muster up much of a protest this morning as promised.

Maybe there isn’t such a problem after all.

1 comments On The amazing invisible taxi protest

  • You are contradicting your self here. LOL. SAP! “If there are 1million people in Dublin with 12,001 taxis, and there are 8million people in New York with 12,019 taxis, then why the hell is it impossible to get a taxi in Dublin at 2 or 3am in the morning”.And, in your latest comment!
    “Maybe there isn’t such a problem after all.” LOL,LOL. By the way, are you sitting in gridlock every day and still travelling by Dublin Bus nitelink? LOL,LOL,LOL.

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