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VI Better Information 18-May-2008

The Value Ireland slogan is “Better Purchasing Decisions through Better Information”. Where we have information to share, but which won’t take up a full-length post, we’re planning on beginning the VI Better Information series – bring together the most important and relevant consumer news for Irish consumers.
  • The Sunday Business Post today published its research into the prices charged to Irish consumers by British retailers based here in Ireland. According to the article “Irish shoppers are paying up to 50 per cent more than their British counterparts for many goods sold by British retailers”. The response from the National Consumer Agency was that Ann Fitzgerald “said shoppers should boycott British retailers that charged significantly higher prices in Ireland”. Don’t forget though, some Irish stores do this as well. I wonder is Ann Fitzgerald calling on Irish consumers to boycott Dunnes Stores as well – because of this, or because of this, or should we just boycott the British stores that rip us off.
  • From Damien Mulley, read here how Vodafone double charged a customer who pays monthly via credit card – and it was only noticed by the customer and not Vodafone themselves. Knowing how credit card charges are made in such big companies, it’s likely that more than this one customer was impacted. So, if you pay Vodafone monthly via credit card, check your credit card statement that you haven’t been double charged recently.
  • From AskAboutMoney, another warning, this time for O2 customers. A customer who upgraded their phone but paid for it through their monthly O2 bill was charged VAT twice for the phone purchase. Again, if you’ve been in a similar situation recently, check your bill – you should only be paying VAT once.
  • From Ireland.com, Bord Gais customers are facing a rise in the price of gas towards the end of 2008. The gas company has said that it would seek permission from the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) to impose a price increase of up to 19% from October. Given all the current price rises, I wonder will the Commission event have second thoughts about approving this request?

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