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Are you being “shortpoured” on your pint?

I mentioned here previously about an experience a friend of mine had in a Dublin city centre pub where after a few pints he was served another “pint” that turned out to be a smaller size glass than a normal pint, but costing the same.

The manner in which he was immediately given another pint to me shows that the barman knew what was going, and that a fast one was being pulled.

Never, I hear you say. A pint is a pint! They can’t mess with our beer.

Yet, it’s something that’s starting to happen in the US recently. This story via The Consumerist shows how a restaurant served a small “pint” glass of beer (14oz) when a pint (16oz) was ordered.

This Wall Street Journal article refers to this phenomenon of “falsies” – a smaller “pint” than the proper measure. It even mentions that bars are putting more foam than normal in pints – effectively also reducing how much beer is actually given to the customer.

Now, obviously our pints are larger than US pints anyway (ha ha!), but if my friends experience in Dublin is happening on a regular basis, it’s something we should be watching out for. Given many of the sharp practices we consumers experience in Ireland on a regular basis, we probably shouldn’t be surprised if it is.

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