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Celtic Tiger done and dusted?

If you’re reading the newspapers, or listening to any news programmes these days, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Celtic Tiger (CT) has been hunted into extinction to be replaced by recession.

Not if you’re out in Terenure on a Monday night though. We went out for a quick bite after work to Marios. The place was absolutely wedged – a great sign that we’re still spending our money.

If only the quality of the food and the staff service matched the enthusiasm of its punters in these supposed dying days of the CT.

The staff were going through the motions, and the chef – by the quality of the food served – was doing the same. We ordered two main course (meat balls and spagetti and king prawn penne). The king prawns were cooked from frozen and passable – the kind of dinner that you’d cook for yourself, but a little unsuccessfully, but you’re so hungry, you eat it anyway. The meatballs and spagetti were inedible with practically everything left behind on the plate.

At a time when customer retention is likely to become more and more important for businesses, the restaurants that provide food that their customers can’t eat, and then show no interest in whether or not they like it, are hopefully unlikely to survive the collective belt-tightening that we’re told is happening at the moment (even if it hasn’t reached Terenure yet).

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