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Irish Motoring Survey – Give your thoughts

I came across information posted about a new motoring survey which is available on the BestGarages.ie website. I’m not familiar with the site, but the survey is pretty interesting. If it gets a good response rate, there could be some interesting information to come out of it. Check it out. This is the blurb on their website:

BestGarages.ie 2008 Irish Motoring Survey

Many of us are used to seeing UK or international surverys such as JD Power and Driver Power but we have no such independent survey in Ireland. The perfomance of garages and motoring brands in the UK is quite different than that experienced by us in Ireland. Often we look enviously across the water at the service and quality provided by garages to our UK friends, yet feel that back here we are treated with rather less importance. Are we getting a bad deal, and is our market so small that we have to put up with it?

To our knowledge this is the first large independent motoring survey in Ireland. We hope to publish the results annually and keep you and the motoring public informed of trends throughout the year.

The survey contains five sections and on average 40 questions. We estimate it will take most people at a maximum 10 minutes to complete. If you wish you can save the survey at any point and return at a later date to complete. Be assured, the details in this survey are confidential and there is absolutely no way to tie the answers you provide in any way to yourself. At no point in the survey will you be requested to indentify yourself, nor are details like email, phone numbers or anything else requested or saved. We do record the IP address of the PC used to complete the survey, this is simply to prevent missue of the survey such as multiple surveys from the same location. Again, this IP address is never linked to any survey answers.

We thank you for taking the time to complete the survey and hope that the findings from this will open the general publics eye to the real issues experienced by Irish motorists and also improve the service and quality provided by our garages.

Please click here to start the survey.

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