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Overcharging In Ireland: Bank Of Ireland at it again

I missed out on this news back in may, but given all the recent coverage regarding grocery prices, it is my opinion, the true “Rip Off Ireland” is what’s happening when companies overcharge (steal from) their customers, or in the recent Bank Of Ireland admission, don’t pay their customers whats their due.

We’ve been keeping track of this since 2004 – you can read the litany of overcharging and underpaying carried out by the largest and best known of Irish companies by clicking here.

In their most recent (of 5) admissions, Bank of Ireland have shown that children are their next target to be ripped off. From our Overcharging In Ireland roll call of shame:

May 2008 – Bank Of Ireland – The bank is refunding €200,000 in interest to 16,000 holders of child savings account. The bank will repay about €200,000 after paying the wrong rate of interest on the savings accounts. The incorrect interest was applied on these accounts because of an incorrect interest code applied during the period May 2003 to February 2008.

Just check out the banner below to see the scale of this overcharging in 4 years.

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