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Who’s really wrong? Businesses or Consumers?

I loved this headline in todays Sunday Business Post – Restaurants charging 300% mark-ups on wine. It’s really a bit of a nothing story – we all know that the mark up on wines are pretty big compared to what we could buy the same bottles for in a supermarket or off licence.

It’s kind of a similar nothing story that the fuckers* released last week telling us that things are cheaper up north than they are down here – as if we didn’t know that already! Duh! But more on this tomorrow.

Here’s my version of the same headline for the Sunday Business Post – Irish consumers willing to pay 300% mark-ups on wine.

When will our National Consumer Agency and our media get it into their heads that the reason for many of what they’re describing as “rip offs” are because Irish consumers willing pay the prices being asked by Irish businesses.

No restaurant would be able to get away with a 300% mark up on a wine if none of their customers ordered that wine. We get what we pay for – we pay for what we want! No matter the cost!

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