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ComReg makes money when you call their 1890 number

This post from last week on the www.saynoto1890.com website created an enormous amount of interest. Some interesting implications I think if the statement included in it from the ComReg employee is accurate – though I have my doubts. Here’s the post:For some reason that doesn’t make sense to me yet, whenever you make a call to ComReg, be it looking for information or trying to complain about something, you’re helping ComReg make money for themselves. They’re there supposedly to be of service to consumers, yet you call them and they make money from your phone call.

From a SayNoTo1890.com reader, we were provided with the following snippet of an e-mail from a ComReg employee:

The Locall number we advertise is a minor source of revenue for us – the bulk comes from levies imposed on those firms we regulate.

If that’s the case, I wonder how much money other Government organisations are making from making us consumers ring them on their 1890 numbers.

I say I don’t understand this because normally businesses who have these 1890 numbers end up paying the balance of whatever the call would cost. It’s normally only 0818 numbers that a business would make money one.


Click here for the SayNoTo1890.com Website.
Click here for the SayNoTo1890.com Website.

2 comments On ComReg makes money when you call their 1890 number

  • Hmm.. eircom would say something different. On their busines page (business/products/freefone) you can download a pdf with costs (link isn’t provided due to session tags etc) and for a 1890 the minimum fee paid by the 1890 holder is 3.17cent plus of course the per-minute fees which range from 0- 44cent.

    1890 numbers are outdated now – when they were introduced they did offer customers a genuine saving in ringing non-local business but now with bundles and voip this cost benefit is eroding (if not gone in some cases) and businesses should investigate dropping 1890 and 1850 to save themselves money.

  • 1890 numbers alone should not be used for business People should be given an option as to wheather they want to use this number or not So therefore the ordinary number should be given also when giving out the phone number of any business

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