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Cirque Du Soleil : Quidam – at the The O2, Dublin

As a total aside, I thought I’d mention about the fact that the Cirque Du Soleil show Quidam is coming to Dublin next March/April.

If you’ve never seen a Cirque Du Soleil show, I would highly recommend it. You can check out clips on YouTube but these don’t do the live experience justice.

The tickets go on sale on Friday 19th via TicketMaster. Unless you’re registered on the Cirque Du Soleil site – where you can get a link to buy your tickets now.

Now, the tickets are €69.50 which is pretty steep, and there’s the usual crazy €6.50 per ticket administration charge for Ticketmaster, but the show is most definitely worth the money. Check it out if you can!

2 comments On Cirque Du Soleil : Quidam – at the The O2, Dublin

  • The Ticket Master booking fee of 10% is an absolute rip off. Circus de Soleil travels half way around the world with a bevy of the world’s most talented artists. The company has paid for recruitment, training, capital costs of plant and equipment, transport, accommodation, wages, site costs and a myriad of expenses. It arrives in Ireland and finds that it is being fed on by the Ticket Master Parasite. Can anything be done about this kind of parasitic exploitation?

  • @Frank – unfortunately I think that Cirque du Soleil are plenty used to Ticketmaster already. If you check out their Las Vegas shows for example, you have to pay €10.25 service charge per ticket. And that doesn’t include the 10% “Live Entertainment Tax” that is also added on to the price of tickets.
    There are alternatives coming on stream in Ireland – such as TicketText – so the only thing to hope is that they start getting more events than Ticketmaster.

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