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Irish Independent and plagiarism played out again

Click here to read an excellent article by Cian Ginty where he followed up on our experiences with the Irish Independent and their theft of a ValueIreland.com article from our website for publishing in their newspaper.

What I found most interesting about the article was the journalists threat of legal action if his name was associated in any way with the article – particularly since this story has been around on some pretty prominent websites since December last year.

For the rest of blogosphere, the route of complaint to the Press Ombudsman and Press Council is also interesting – thought it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the first complaint brought to it for such indiscretions by national newspapers.

And finally, I’m loving the final quoted comment (assuming I’m getting the typo fixed correctly from the original) from Seamus Dooley, the Irish Secretary of the National Union of Journalists:

I am intrigued by the credence sometimes given to the opinion of bloggers simply because they express strong opinions on their own blogs.

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