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Problems with O2 Experience Customer Service

Alexia has a post here bringing to an end, sort of, a saga of poor customer service experienced at the hands of O2. Also linked in that post are other poor customer experiences suffered by some others as well.

It was only last week that I had what was actually a funny experience in the O2 shop at the top of Grafton Street – but which when you look at should be very disappointing for O2, especially if they’re following up as a result of Alexia’s experiences.

I took a SanDisk 4gb memory card down from the display that had a selection of memory cards available and took to the counter to pay for it. The display items are obviously dummys as the guy went into the back for 4-5mins and brought out another pack and rang it up in their till.

  • O2 staff member: “That’ll be €39 please”.
  • ValueIreland: “€39? The 4gb card I picked says it’s only €29”.
  • O2 staff member: “Yeah, but that’s the Nokia version of the memory card. The Sony Ericsson version is €39”.
  • ValueIreland: “Nice to know, but I picked the Nokia version from the display because I have a Nokia phone”.
  • O2 staff member: “Oh! Do you want me to get the Nokia one for you?”
  • ValueIreland: “Eh, yes, please!”

Clown!!!! Nearly 10minutes for the simple transaction of buying a memory card.

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