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Vodafone Increases cost of Directory Enquiry calls

There was a notification in the Irish Times on a Saturday a couple of weeks ago indicating “changes to Vodafone call charges”.

I love notifications like that – the call charge has changed, or the interest rate on savings accounts has changes (as frequently notified by the banks). Why not be straight with us and tell us if things are changing up or changing down.

As it turns out, the Vodafone call cost changes are an increase in the cost of calling the 4 directory enquiries numbers. (Quite poor form also that the webpage that’s advertised in the paper as having more information is giving a 404 error).

As per the table below, for both pay monthly and prepay customers, the cost per minute of calling each directory enquiry number has gone up 5c per minute – as has the connection cost per call also. That’s a 6% cost increase – let the bluster begin.

Our research article into the cost of Directory Enquiries has been updated with these new costs.

3 comments On Vodafone Increases cost of Directory Enquiry calls

  • Only 6%. Sure with most recent price hikes in double figures that’s hardly an increase by current standards.

    Inflation at 4.5% my arse.

  • Should have added can someone point out to me the things that have fallen in price to counter act the double digit % increases in Electricity, food, gas, petrol, heating oil, transportation, etc etc etc and keep inflation somewhere around 4.5-5% according to the government. It may sound like a joke but I would LOVE to see a website such as this do a real examination on how they come up with the figures for inflation.

  • Hi Colm,

    Many thanks for your comments above. I had hoped that my observation on the price increase would have come across more sarcastically than it did.

    As per this post here – http://valueireland.blogspot.com/2008/04/getting-our-priorities-right-in-rip-off.html – I too wonder why our consumer advocates aren’t more interested in doing something more about the inflation that people have no choice but to be subjected to – such as electricity and food as you mention.

    I had expected the normal useless posturing and bluster about this 6% price rise, but maybe people are getting more sense since there’s been nothing about it since the announcement.

    What I personally would ideally like to see is a feature made available in Ireland similar to that provided by the UK National Statistics Office where you can calculate your own personal rate of inflation. This feature is available here – http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?ID=22.

    It would be very interesting to see this available based on Irish numbers. For example, I don’t purchase heating oil, petrol or cigarettes, so the actual rate of inflation I’m suffering would be less than the average.

    With regards to the Irish inflation rate, you can find out more information here – http://www.cso.ie/releasespublications/pr_prices.htm.



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