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Scam – Tip for Shop Keepers

I saw a very ingenious attempt at scamming a shop assistant last Saturday morning in my local shop. The guy in front of me got to the top of the queue and asked for a box of cigarettes which the assistant went away to get for him.

When the assistant came back and put down the pack, and rang them up on the till, the guy then asked for some matches and a €4 Lotto Plus lottery ticket – both of which were at the far end of the counter. When the assistant went to get these items, the guy opened the cigarette packet, threw away the plastic, took out a few cigarettes and then squeezed the box to make it look like it was an old packet.

The assistant came back with the matches and the lottery ticket, rang them up, and went to close out the till. The guy then picked up his matches and lottery ticket, asked for €20 of O2 call credit – and asked again for his cigarettes.

The assistant printed up the O2 credit and handed it over. The guy again asked for his cigarettes. The assistant pointed to the cigarette pack in the guys hand and said that he already had them. The guy opened up the pack, showing that it was missing some cigarettes, and said that that was his old pack, and that he wanted the new pack that he’d asked for.

The shop assistant took a few seconds to think about things, and again said that he’d already provided the cigarettes – that they were in the guys hands. You could see in his face that he wasn’t 100% sure, but was sticking to his story.

This time, the guy didn’t get away with it. He just smiled, handed over his money, and walked off.

The attempt of this guy to distract the shop assistant is also the type of distraction that shop assistants will sometimes use to cover up short changing customers. Click here to read further Top Tips on Checking your Change.

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  • Don’t you think that by publishing a post like this that you’re actually providing a lesson for scumbags to start doing even more than now this rather than helping shop keepers?

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