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CAI Resignations

You’ll have read last week of my resignation as director from the executive and council (essentially the board) of the Consumers Association of Ireland. On Saturday, Paul Cullen wrote about this in The Irish Times – Consumers’ group members resign.If you check out this link here, you can see some of the comments and reaction from Irish Times and ValueIreland.com readers to that piece.

It was touched upon in that article, and I referred to the two reasons for my resigning in my original post. Here are the details I provided to my fellow council members:

Firstly, apart from producing the monthly Consumer Choice magazine, the CAI has remained entirely reactive and has not presented any new or original initiatives to the Irish consumer in the past two years. The Irish consumer still does not know what the CAI is about despite my attempts while on Council to initiate activities that might have changed that perception.

Secondly, and of greater concern, is the worrying level of secrecy that appears to exist within the Association. While many directors and council members profess trust in the limited amount of information provided to them, that trust is not actually sufficient to allow a director fulfil their duties, and it is not enough for me to be happy being a director.

It was disappointing for me to have to resign from the Association, but I felt that despite my efforts the Association was going nowhere and wasn’t spending it’s money in the best way possible to be of assistance and benefit to Irish consumers.

8 comments On CAI Resignations

  • Reasons a bit disappointing – was hoping for sexual romps, excessive expenses like the FAS directors/CEO revealed by Shane Ross in Sindo this weekend, missing money etc.

    Main reason for quitting CAI is ‘worrying level of secrecy that appears to exist withing the Association.’

    What does that mean? Give us some dirt Value Ireland!

  • Sorry Mick – I can only tell it as I saw it.Lots of stuff I didn’t see (hence my secrecy concerns), so I don’t know if there’s any dirt being hidden.

    Maybe there’s others out there that would have the time and resources to dig a little more to find out.

    What’s Shane Ross doing now that he’s done with Fas?

  • Just watched CAI CEO Dermott Jewell on TV3 calling for transparency in milk prices. Whatever that means! How about some transparency in CAI. I note that Mr. Jewell’s salary range does not show in the CAI accounts. Most charities now show the salary range. His salary and pension seems to be costing a bomb…

  • Would love to see something done about milk prices which has rocketed in recent times. I see from the CAI website that CAI has TWO representatives on the Milk Agency. How have they represented the consumer for whom milk is a BASIC need?

  • I see that there’s a CAI representative on the Taxi Regulator as well – did he do anything to try to prevent the recent rise in taxi fares?

  • Re taxi regulator – per CAI website – the same person – an M.Kilcoyne is on the Taxi Regulator Panel and on the Milk Agency. Taxis and milk are So expensive. What is he doing? This Kilcoyne man is also on Bord Bia which is about food. And our food prices are rediculous.

    CAI should maybe change the representative?

  • Looks like that Kilcoyne got himself another jolly at the tax payers expense today.

    Well for some!!!

  • Don’t understand Mark’s post about another jolly today for Mr Kilcoyne of CAI.

    Did I miss something in the news today? it was all about Harneys hairdos and FAS waste. Did Mr Kilcoyne get a gig with FAS or something?

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