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Taking Stock – Welcome, and Thank You

It’s now 4 weeks since the redesigned ValueIreland.com website was published. Many thanks to all those who sent in their feedback on the site! And yes, thank you for the negative comments also. We’ve been very happy with the results of the website redesign ourselves, but we’ve been thrilled to get your positive feedback also.

We are however also following up on your comments and suggestions, a couple of changes have already been made to the site since re-launch, with a few more to come.

Thank you to all those who have subscribed for the RSS feed or e-mail updates! And welcome back to those who have re-subscribed here from the old Value Ireland Blog. We hope you’re all enjoying the redesigned site. Please contact us if you have any further feedback or comments.

ValueIreland.com is now up to over 600 published posts with more than 50 top tips, research articles and consumer resources. We hope that we’re helping you in some small bit to look after yourself better in the Irish consumer landscape we find ourselves in today: helping through drawing your attention to what is being done right, and what’s wrong, with regards to consumer affairs issues we’re experiencing (or are being subjected to), and by providing you with hints, tips and advice on how to better look after yourself.

We have some exciting consumer resources planned for release in the coming months. If you haven’t subscribed for updates already, please use the links to the top right now to do so now. You’ll get our daily consumer updates, plus will be the first to get access to these new resources.

If there are any items that you think should be covered here, please contact us with details and we’ll do our best to follow up.

Many thanks again to all of you,

Editor, ValueIreland.com

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