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Top (Fashion) Tips for Irish Consumers from Arhseen Qasim

With thanks, and courtesy of, Arsheen Qasim, here is the 12th in our series of Top Tips for Irish Consumers. Arsheen is a fashion blogger/stylist who has written for for Prudence Magazine and has a website at Fashion Filosofy.

  1. Buy online. Many people are wary of shopping for clothes online because they are afraid that the clothes sizes may not fit and vary from shop to shop and that returning may not be feasible. But many online stores give accurate size guides now as well as offering open policies on returning and exchanging items so there is less risk involved.
  2. Avoid rip-off by buying in-store at British high street chains here. Most of these chains have online stores and now ship to Ireland for minimum fee. You’re saving money even with the delivery charge and exchange rate applied.
  3. Save money by accessorising outfits differently and by customising your own outfits. For example, lace gloves are in fashion but they are also quite expensive. Get cheap lace tights and cut the top half and snip the toes to make your very own gloves. Add buttons, ribbons and pins to customise Tshirts and bags for a new look and wear an old dress with different jewelry to update the look.
  4. Expensive item doesn’t necessarily mean good quality item. The best way to save money is to shop around and  investigate all options before settling for something that that could have cost you less in another place. This is especially true for basic items like Tshirts.
  5. Wait for the sales to shop but don’t buy anything you wouldn’t have normally bought if it was selling at full-price. People tend to buy things when they get caught up in the buzz of sales-shopping. It’s not really a bargain if you weren’t willing to buy it for the original price in the first place. There are sales all year round now but make sure you’re getting value for your money.
  6. Apply the cost per wear rule to get the most out of your shopping. If an item costs €90 and you know you will only wear  it once then it’s not value for money. But if you wear it 10 times, each wear only costing you €9 then it makes the purchase more reasonable. This will help you decide whether the item is worth buying.
  7. Scour flea markets, car boot sales and charity shops. Vintage and retro trends are all the rage now and you’ll be amazed at what people throw away. One man’s trash…. Carboot sales are held every few months in the Bernard Shaw held by the guys behind Bodytonic and Dublin has a new flea market at The Dublin Food Co-Op in Newmarket, D8
  8. Clothes swapping is a la mode too. Many clothes swapping events are popping up everywhere. You can get a brand new outfit without spending a cent. Try Shebeen Chic on South Great George’s street every Saturday.
  9. Don’t get sucked in by fads. Learn to differentiate between an investment item and something that will be out of fashion next season. Spending a large amount of money on ‘on-trend’ items which you will not wear within a month is not worth spending cash on.
  10. Shop wisely. Buy coats towards the end of winter season/start of summer  as they are usually reduced and store it away for the following winter. Make sure you buy a classic piece that won’t look outdated come October

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