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Good Bye to 2008. Welcome to 2009

Happy New Year to all our ValueIreland.com readers and subscribers. Here’s hoping that you enjoyed the past couple of weeks, and that you’re looking forward to facing into 2009.

Reading much of the newspaper coverage of the year gone by, and the year that’s just arrived, it seems like it’s going to carry on with all the doom and gloom for us for a while more to come.

While times will be tough for many, it’s also likely that 2009 will bring new opportunities for many as well.

We’re hearing loads at the moment about things like the credit crunch and its fallout, the banking crisis in Ireland, the collapse of the property market, rising prices, and most worryingly the complete lack of leadership coming from our political leaders.

However, as consumers, we can’t really do a whole lot about all these things – so there’s not really much point in complaining or worrying about them. Lots of us have been here before and came out the other side – some of us haven’t experienced tougher times, but what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger – and recessions don’t kill.

The recent government master plan, Building Ireland’s Smart Economy: A Framework for Sustainable Economic Renewal, is full of much fluff and guff about preparing the country for the end of the recession and the better times that are expected to follow (at some undetermined time in the future). All well and good – but again, not a whole lot for us as individuals.

So what is there for us to do? What we should be doing for 2009 is focusing on all the things that we can actually have an impact on.

We can focus our time, our interest and our concerns on our family, on our work and careers, on our personal finances, on our hobbies and pastimes, and where we go from here.

It’s within all our own personal control to actually make it through 2009 in as best a way as possible, to have a great year despite everything, and to prepare ourselves and our families for the even better times that might come, somewhere over the rainbow.

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