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Pointless Financial Regulator survey, again

It’s only a couple of weeks since the pointless Financial Regulator published their last pointless survey and now they’re back with another one – I wrote about it here.
This time, at the start of new year 2009, beginning of January our Regulator is telling us that two-thirds of Irish people are making changes to their personal finances as a result of the recession – the story is here from the Irish Independent.

As a result of the recession?

Or maybe because spending less is one of the most common new year resolutions amongst Irish people – according to The Irish Times anyway.

Did we really need our Financial Regulator to be spending time and money coming up with such a pointless, useless and completely obvious piece of research. It’s shocking that we have a Regulator spending time on such bullshit as this when they can’t actually do their proper jobs and keep banks and insurance companies in toe.

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