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U2 “fans” conned by scam ticket site

Are you a U2 fan? You are? Didn’t you know that there was a U2 concert in Slane this summer, on July 1st. So how much of a U2 fan would you have been to buy tickets for a concert that your favourite band hadn’t actually announced yet?

I’m not even a U2 fan but I remember the hoo-haa that went on the last time tickets went on sale for one of their Irish gigs. There was membership to be had for the U2 website where you would get first dibs on buying tickets and all sorts of other publicity and hype generating activities.

I’m guessing therefore that it’s unlikely that it’s real U2 fans who were hit by the recent problems with the UK based ticketing website GlobalTicketShop.

If I was to guess, I’d say the majority of the “victims” of this problem were people who were trying to make a quick buck on getting these tickets ahead of the posse.

In a situation I faced myself recently when confronted by a potential scam, the best scams will appeal to peoples greed. Though, in the cold light of day, the old addage still stands – if it seems too good to be true, it more than likely is.

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