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What a pile of ‘bolics

Symbolic gestures that is!

My post last week, When the going gets tough, the junior ministers start walking, was a bit of a rant against politicians and the pointless proposals to reduce the numbers of junior ministers “in the national interest” in the “current economic climate”.

It seems, following last Saturdays editorial coverage of the story, that not only do our politicians take the Irish people for complete idiots, but it seems that the opinion writers of the Irish Times and Irish Independent think we’re dumb enough to believe that such gestures would actually make us think that the politicians were doing something positive.

The Irish Independent thinks that the whole thing is “A cause for cheers not jeers” while the Irish Times told us that “Cutting Ministers of State would be important symbolic gesture“.

‘Bolics is right!

Lets be clear about this, as I said last week and repeated by Junior Minister for Labour Affairs, Billy Kelleher, (who believes he should keep his job, and salary, and staff, and perks and privileges) – “I really do think we are getting side-tracked from the real issues.”

Show us that this government can make the right and hard decisions in the countries interests (and not just the banks and developers) and we’ll appreciate the gestures, and then we can come back to getting rid of junior ministers and unvouched expenses and all the rest.

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