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Dear Business Website Owner! Don’t you want my money?

I’m sure I wrote about this before, but here I go again. Why do businesses who have websites, and who expect to do business online through the site have contact e-mail addresses and forms, and then not respond when a query is sent though to you.

Dear (Name Withheld – for the moment),

Twice this evening I tried to set up an account via your website on your “Join” page. Both times I received this message.

I haven’t received any on-screen confirmation that my account has been set up, nor have I received any confirmation e-mail.

Also, the username and password I’ve tried to set up hasn’t allowed me log back in either.

Can you please let me know what the problem is and how I can get my account set up?

Many thanks,


In other words:

Dear Business Owner,

In these straightened times, I’d like to give you my money – so much so, that I’m giving you a detailed e-mail to show you how your website doesn’t work.



We’re now over two weeks later, and no response whatsoever!

Oh well.


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  • Oh this is SUCH a sore point with me; I have disabled children and almost no time to spend on the telephone, so would depend on online shopping and customer service IF ONLY I COULD. I tried to contact the Irish Red Cross several times via their site and got no response.

    You make a great point: it would be better to have NO website, than to promise service with one and not deliver.

    I hope people start listening, and start responding.

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