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Are you in the Consumers’ Association of Ireland target audience?

At the CAI annual general meeting last November/October, the Chief Executive Dermott Jewell announced that part of their marketing plan for 2009 to increase their circa 4,000 membership was to use some of their €68,000 government grant to give out free Consumer Choice magazines.

These magazines were to have a “wrap around”. This was a form that recipients of these free magazines could fill in and return to get 3 months free membership.

Strangely though, Mr. Jewell also confirmed that there was no way the Association could prevent someone applying for 3 months free membership, cancelling, and then reapplying for 3 more months free membership.

Have you received your free magazine delivered through your door yet?

If the target audiences of the Consumers Association of Ireland are anything like that of the National Consumer Agency when they sent out the Consumer Rights cards soon after they were set up, then amongst other areas, if you live in Dublin 11, Dublin 13, Wexford, Mayo and Donegal, then you’re unlikely to get one.

That I’m aware of, the chosen lucky few so far live in Dublin 6, Dublin 6w and Ashbourne. If you live elsewhere and have received you’re free Consumer Choice magazine, let us know.

2 comments On Are you in the Consumers’ Association of Ireland target audience?

  • Feb consumer Choice fell out of my Irish Times last friday or saturday – for free. There was a wraparound on it about three months free trial.

  • Don’t know if you’ll see this post but Jill Kerby in yesterday’s Sunday Times is calling for increased funding for CAI. She suggests it could replace IFSRA as a proper investigator/watchdog.

    Sorry, can’t find any online link.

    She obviously doesn’t know/or care about all the state body money the CEO & friends have been keeping for their families these past years…

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