Can you identify the Anglo Irish Bank “Golden Circle”? Win €100 for the 10 names!

I thought we could have a bit of fun with this.

We’re hearing all the controversy at the moment about the so-called Anglo Irish Bank “Golden Circle” of 10 supposedly high-profile Irish business people who were involved in allegedly buying shares in Anglo Irish Bank with money borrowed from Anglo Irish Bank.

This Irish Times news story gives more details:

The Financial Regulator confirmed this week it is investigating the loans given by Anglo to 10 unnamed clients last year so they could take a 10 per cent stake in the bank that was originally part of a holding assembled by businessman Seán Quinn and his family.

Can you guess who these “10 unnamed clients”? Have you any idea who might be inside this “Golden Circle”?

E-mail me here at with who you think these people are. We’ll keep your guesses and details private.

The first person to get me the correct listing of the 10 names (obviously, before they’re named publically) will win the cash.

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