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Getting around paying the Ryanair credit card surcharge?

There’s an e-mail doing the rounds at the moment with some advice as to how you might be able to get around the Ryanair credit card surcharge fee which is normally €5 per passenger per flight – €10 return. This is what I received earlier this week:

Just a tip for those of you who use Ryanair often. The airline charges 10 euro per person when booking flights by credit/debit card . There is a way around it though.

If you buy Ryanair vouchers on the website (very easy process) and then use the vouchers to buy your flights, there’s no extra charges for using your card.

When you buy the vouchers – You get the code immediately and then you just use that to pay for your flights therefore dodging the extra charges for use of debit/credit card.

You’ll have read previously that we’re not big fans of vouchers here at ValueIreland.com, so we checked this out a bit more.

This tip was mentioned on the UK MoneySavingsExpert forum before Christmas last year with no negative comments.

However, during 2008 there were a number of bad reports about consumer problems trying to redeem Ryanair vouchers – Pricewatch and Irish Independent – but that seemed mainly to do with the fact that it cost €1.75 per minute to call a number to actually redeem your vouchers. This is no longer now the case as you can redeem your vouchers online as part of the normal booking process.

So far so good then, until you read this account of problems in January of this year amongst readers of AskAboutMoney.com when trying to redeem vouchers.

So, some positives and some negatives. If you think it’ll be worth your while availing of this loophole, the you should at least finally check out the Terms and Conditions associated with the Ryanair vouchers – available here.

And after that, just remember, “buyer beware”.

3 comments On Getting around paying the Ryanair credit card surcharge?

  • This is a sham, the terma dn conditions state that you can use 4 vouchers per transection but you can only use 3. you get the vouchers in muliples of 25 and 50 a sham. I have sepnt the last 3weeks trying to see if i can get my money back or transfer them to someone as I now have 5oo worth of voucers that are only availbe for 6months. I am furious…….

  • @Catherine – I can’t argue with you at all. We’re strongly against the purchase and use of vouchers here in ValueIreland. However, in certain circumstances, when in full knowledge of the ins and outs of Ryanair vouchers, this suggestion could be of use to some people.

  • re;ryanair credit card charges
    Dont you have to pay a credit card charge to buy the vouchers online?

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