Going cold turkey on sterling to euro exchange rate stores

This e-mail came in to ValueIreland.com last week and gave us a little chuckle:

I just want to let you know, I am 40 days clean of visiting any UK Retailer who is robbing us on the Sterling exchange and it feels very good indeed. For food I have discovered the wonders of Aldi and Lidl, Dunnes and Superquinn, fresh vegetables and excellent quality fruit. No prepared meals from Marks, not when they are double the price they charge in UK, so happy days.  Maybe they did me a favour anyway!!

The thing to remember though, is that even some Irish companies, as we’ve shown you recently, are guilty of using extravagant sterling to euro exchange rates that basically makes them bigger profits.

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One Response to Going cold turkey on sterling to euro exchange rate stores

  1. E Lee February 24, 2009 at 23:10 #

    Check out the Lidl site for their offers for 2 March 09, which has a fishing rod for 44.99 in euro zone, and 34.99 sterling, which converts to 39.49 euro.

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