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Enterprise Ireland staff now working in the banks?

“OFFICIALS FROM Enterprise Ireland and other development agencies are to be sent into the commercial lending sections of the banks to ease and increase the flow of money to small and medium-sized businesses, Minister for Enterprise Mary Coughlan said at the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly yesterday.”

Is anyone else out there even a little concerned about this proposal above? Surely there are data protection implications which should be governing third parties entering banks and working, even on a sort term basis.

What next? Will we have estate agents starting to work in the banks to help out with mortgage lending practices?

So far this story seems to have sneaked below the radar, as one might say, but I for one think it’s a ridiculous idea that’s too dangerous in its current guise, and in the precedent that it sets, to be allowed go ahead.

3 comments On Enterprise Ireland staff now working in the banks?

  • Can’t see why they are needed and what they would know about banking anyway and how they could in any way be useful.

    Mary Coughlan knows nothing about business/enterprise so she probably thinks this is a good idea to move surplus staff in state quangoes into banks and appear to be ‘doing something’.

    Better to use surplus staff in Social welfare offices to deal with the queues and get payment to the unfortunates who have lost their jobs. Apparently it can take weeks for benefit to come through and there are pictures in the Examiner and i think another of todays papers showing hundreds in a queue for food parcels provided by a church.

  • OMG! The lunatics really ARE taking over the asylum!

  • This hasn’t been raised as an issue anywhere else, has it?

    I wonder is it worth checking with the Data Protection Commissioner about it?

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