Irish Consumer Websites – Reviews on the way

The current recessionary times have seen a massive increase in the number of websites focusing on the consumer. is nearly 6 years old this year, and the times now are very reminiscent of mid to end 2003 which was the height of the original “rip off Ireland” phenomenon.

I’ve written in the past about the demise of many many consumer focused websites in the past 6 years but 2009 has seen an explosion again in the number of sites out there to help the consumer.

Recently, I posted a request that readers submit as many Irish consumer based websites that they are aware of that are now available out there providing assistance to the hard pressed Irish consumer.

That request resulted in a hugh listing of different Irish consumer focused websites. That in itself is an amazing number, but I think it’s probably too many for any one individual to be able to use.

With that in mind, I will be reviewing the websites submitted over the next couple of weeks with the aim of prioritising these websites to let you know which ones are worth using, and which are worth avoiding.

Keep an eye out here in the coming days and weeks for these review posts. If you have any other consumer focused Irish websites that are not in the listing that we’re compiling, please post a comment with the link and I’ll update the listing.

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One Response to Irish Consumer Websites – Reviews on the way

  1. The Toy Man April 6, 2009 at 08:49 #

    One of the positives of a recession is that businesses have to actually work to get custom. The 2003 era was marked by complete contempt for the customer. Thankfully, businesses with this attitude simply won’t survive.

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