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3 Ireland at it again

Over the years, 3 Ireland have shown themselves to be absolute clowns when it comes to customer service – see here for posts from the past. A ValueIreland.com reader sent us in this e-mail detailing the latest in a long line of customer service failures. I originally received this e-mail in early March, and it was still 2 weeks following this mail before 3 Ireland finally sorted things out:

I bought a Handset: Samsung F480 from 3ireland.ie on the 10/02/09 around 11:00 pm for € 229.00.  After I placed the order I got a confirmation email.

-We are delighted to tell you that we have now processed your order and it has been passed to our warehouse team to get everything ready to be dispatched.
Important – your mobile can only be delivered to you in person at the address specified above and you will need to show the courier the payment card you used to place your order as proof of identity.

They don’t mention anything in the website about showing the courier the payment card when you place the order.   How will I show my credit card to a third party if I’m not there?

I called 3ireland customer service the following day at 8:00 am and I asked then if I could change my delivery address from home to my work address, because I’m at work during the day. The customer service person told me that I couldn’t change the shipping address to my work address. So I decided to cancel my order and so she did.  When I got home I had an email telling me your order has been dispatched even though the order was cancelled that day early in the morning.

I called 3ireland customer service again, the person which I talk with told me, take the phone and call us back, will send you an envelope and you can send us the phone.  When we get the phone then will start the process for your refund.

I called the following day and somebody else told me something else, do not to take the phone so that the carrier can take it back to 3ireland, and then we can start the process for the refund.  She said that she was going to pass all information to her supervisor.

I have been calling every day since February 11th and every time I call they just tell me your order has been dispatched, and then I have to start my entire story from scratch about what happen with the phone order.  They don’t keep any records of my calls because they say that I don’t have an account with then. Last time I called was the 30th February and they created an account and asked me to call again by the end of the following week, so I’m waiting to call again to see what they are going to tell me next.

This is the advertisement they have in the website http://three.ie/  “14 day money back guarantee”.  I have been waiting already for a month and still I have neither phone nor money.

I just went to the shop and I bought the phone and I’m still waiting from 3ireland refund, all this hassle for trying to save € 20, it is not worth it.  The phone price in the store was €249, just € 20 more than on line.

I will never, ever get close by 3ireland website.

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