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“Unacceptable” Ryanair credit card charges – more complaints

I received this e-mail from an irate Ryanair customer:

Today I was booking a flight from Carcassone in France to Shannon in Ireland with Ryanair. I booked a return flight and I am disgusted with the so card credit card processing fee. For this I was charged 10 Euros. That is 5 Euros for each leg of my trip, even though I booked a return ticket which was done in only 1 transaction. This is purley profitering by Ryanair as the bank fees they have to pay for credit cards is nowhere near this. Had I booked another person on that same trip I would have had to pay another 10 Euros, making the total 20 Euros for just 1 transaction.

This is not acceptable behaviour by Ryanair and I want to know what is being done about it and what I can do about it. The transaction fee should only be the amount that the bank actually charges. The airline should not be allowed to profit over this and get away with charging double for one transaction.

Unfortunately, with regards to the query above, as long as Ryanair inform you prior to charging you this credit card processing fee that it is going to be charged, and how much the charge is going to be, then the are fulfilling their obligations to consumers.

There is some European legislation in the pipeline that has been written into Irish law that would prevent credit card surcharges, but it wasn’t actually enacted by the then Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Micheal Martin TD. The current Minister is Mary Coughlan TD.

In the past, I have checked Irish legislation to see if it precludes, in the same way as UK legislation, the profiting from the application of extra fees and charges. As you point out, businesses may not profit from passing on fees and charges to consumers, but I have been unable to find specific Irish legislation that prevents this.

So, our Government could actually do something about these credit card surcharges, but chickened out the first time the issue came up, and given everything going on at the moment, they’re unlikely to see this as a priority.

Don’t forget though, there is a way – if you’re careful – where you can get around the Ryanair credit card charges – click here to read more.

10 comments On “Unacceptable” Ryanair credit card charges – more complaints

  • To be honest, there is a way to stop Ryanair doing this.
    Don’t book and fly anymore with them.
    Seriously, if the people would not book anymore Ryanair flights then they would eventually think over their charges.

    The Reality is, if the government would stop the credit card charges then Ryanair would introduce another charge to get back to their calculation. Its that easy.
    But if you check and compare your flights and realize another airline is cheaper to fly with then you have the choice to avoid the charge. If you still find a Ryanair return flight with all charges for up to 50€ then you might be better than using airlines even with the credit card charges.
    I use skyscanner.com to avoid Ryanair as much as possible

  • Our Goverment actualy blames EU law for their inability to outlaw the Credit Card Surcharge, so I am surprised that you think they can do something and also that there is an EU law coming.

    In respect of the Irish law that would prevent credit card surcharges the last answer I have seen from the minister is:

    Section 48 & 49 were not commenced at that time as concern had been raised by a number of parties as to the compabiilty of those provisions with EU law. Advise was sought in the matter from the Attorney General who opined that the said sections were not compatible with EU law.

    What can I say..

  • @Andy – You’re right – if people don’t like the charges, they should go elsewhere. Or alternatively, we’ve provided tips on how to get around the Ryanair charges specifically if they’ve no other option than to fly with them.

    @Sven – When you say “a number of parties” I’m actually reading “interested parties” – i.e. those parties who make money from credit card surcharges and who had the ear of Minister Martin when he decided not to go ahead with the ban on surcharges after a public consultation.

    As far as I know, the EU Payment Services Directive would allow the Irish government ban credit card surcharges.

  • I am so furious at the customer service I received from ryan air.I purchased vouchers from their website and wanted to use them for booking flights.I went in to use the voucher numbers,and they would not work. When i ocntacted ryanair, they told me they would cancel the vouchers and re send them.there website says 24hours. I checked my email on sun and i still had not received them and it was fri when they were resending them. The worst part of it all was the service i received when calling, the operators dont care they wont put you through to a supervisor, i was out on hold for 15 mins and 1euro a min.In total i spent just under 50 euro on all calls i made to ryan air. I was very annoyed at the whole ordeal i had to go through to use vouchers i had paid for. Is there anyone out there who knows of where i can complain to to make this known to others.

  • I got caught out with this scam, booked three return flights and got stung for £30 extra. I didnt realise until the end of the transaction.
    Its unacceptable and is nothing short of theft and deciet

  • I bought a ticket with travel insurance from shannon to London stansted airport, checked in online as usual,the check-in staff asked to get a visa stamp ,I told them that I have a EEA visa(EU fam stamp 4.
    The woman on duty at ryan air office this day, June 18,2009 at about 6.15am could not recognise UK visa and it was in the cuae of the argument, I missed my fight.When she knew it was late she asked me to pay €100.00 to board the next flight,I told her,I had checked in at the airport and that I can still make the flight but she insisted on €100 payment,I left the airport in anger and missed my flight the business I was going for.

    This is totally unfair.Ryan air should look for staff that are human in nature.That woman at on duty (supervisor) is totally unfriendly and incompetent as she could not recognize the diffference between a UK and Shenghan visa.

  • The german court stopped ryanair from charging customers additional fees on their credit card on the internet. Ryanair has been taken to court by the german consumer organization ( Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverbands). Ryanair has till the end of this mounth to go back to court in germany.

    The reason for all this is to get more transparancy on the internet, so consumers should not be tricked and just pay for the sum they see.

    This would be a great improvement to all transactions for the consumer, but maybe not for the seller 🙂

    (articles in german , please translate with google translate.):




    (Berlin Court:Berliner Kammergericht: Aktenzeichen 23 U 243/08)

    Thank You



    The swedish consumer organisation is now looking at ryanairs extra credit card charges:
    (google translate)
    KO should examine Ryanair card charges
    In Germany, Ryanair lost in court on the credit card charges that the company may levy. Even Consumer Agency in Sweden will now look at the case.

    Daniel de Carvalo, Ryanair’s marketing manager for Europe, do not respond to what the ruling has the effect on Swedish travelers of the higher authority determines that card charges are illegal.
    The high card charges with the airlines are becoming more common. Airline including Ryanair serves millions to allow you to pay extra to pay for the trip. The Aftonbladet wrote an article a month ago.

    While lost Ryanair litigation in Berlin. The court held that the fees levied by Ryanair at kreditkortsköp are illegal as long as the airline does not offer a free method to pay their tickets.

    In Sweden, Ryanair will charge a fee of SEK 55 in the card fee per single journey.

    When Realtid.se contact Erik Malm Eats, Ryanair’s marketing manager for the Nordic countries, will return instead of his British colleague who says that the airline has decided to appeal.

    – Ryanair’s lawyers have already lodged an appeal to a higher court in Germany and we are confident that the ruling will change, “said Daniel de Carvalho, European marketing manager for Ryanair to Realtid.se.

    At the moment, pays 30 percent of the airline’s customers with Visa Electron which is the only debit card which no charges are, “says Daniel de Carvalho.

    On the issue of the Swedish travelers will be affected if the ruling does not change, he does not want to answer.

    – Ryanair has a long tradition of not commenting on speculation, and your question is linked with a speculative, answers Daniel de Carvalho.

    Consumer Agency lawyer Henrik Hoffmeister have read on the ruling in Germany and says that the authority will look at this case. He says that even before the ruling came have been notified and issues related to short charges that Ryanair charge.

    – We will first assess whether we will initiate a case and it is not impossible that we do, I can say.

    – Ryanair will have to answer for themselves. Are we far from each other, so it may be relevant to the Market Court to decide this, “says Henrik Hoffmeister.

    He says that it is not prohibited for companies to levy fees on card payments the cost activities. But then, there must be a basic way to pay on that is not associated with a cost.

    In Germany, it was under the ruling of the few that had the Visa Electron card. In Norway, only children under 18 years who have such a short and limited to the group, according to Hoffmeister.

  • I recently flew from Knock airport with Ryanair to England and was charged 10 Euro at the boarding gates. No reason given. I just about had enough cash on me. If not I was told I would not fly. I had paid for my ticket on line – taxes etc and had no luggage. People should bycott Ryanair – they are a goobeen airline.

  • Hi Bernie,

    It’s been a while since I flew out of Knock airport, but is this charge not a charge levied by the airport themselves, and not the Government, nor Ryanair?


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