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Shopping up north – watch out when withdrawing cash

Update: Check out the 2016 listing of Special Offers from the various Northern Ireland grocery chains.

Irish News of the World

May 31st, 2009

Diarmuid MacShane

Shopping up north – watch out when withdrawing cash

A ValueIreland.com reader e-mailed us a top tip for anyone withdrawing sterling cash when up north for their shopping.

The reader notices that when using an Ulster Bank ATM in Newry, they weren’t charged charged a foreign currency withdrawal fee by their bank.

However, when using using an Alliance & Leicester ATM when in Belfast, they were charged €3.17 in fees.

What the reader found most bizarre was that the foreign currency withdrawl fee wasn’t charged by Alliance & Leicester, but by their own bank, Permanent TSB.

So that you know exactly what to expect if you’re travelling north, give your bank a call before you ring and find out what they will charge you if you withdraw sterling while there.

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